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Age UK Wakefield District (AUKWD) is the owner and developer of the LEAF-7 tool and has been developing LEAF in various versions since 2009.

We are a local Age UK promoting the well-being of all older people and aiming to help make later life a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.

We also aim to influence the way people think about ageing and the valuable contribution older people make to society.  As a local partner of Age UK, we work in a variety of partnerships, local and national, to deliver the services that can improve experience of later life for individuals and communities.

We have a staff team of more than 80 people who deliver and support services to older people, assisted by more than 250 volunteers.  The core services that we provide are:
Social Contact Scheme, Bereavement Support, Information and Advice, Advocacy, Cancer Support, Social Inclusion support, Befriending and a care navigation function that co-ordinates the involvement of many of these services with older people on behalf of the CCG.

All of these services, except I&A, use LEAF-7 as the means of determining the needs of the people that are referred to them for support.